Consultations are by appointment only and can be booked up to four weeks in advance. 

Standard appointments are of 10 minutes' duration, so if you have a number of different problems, or if you think that your problem is more complex in nature, please ask for a longer, 20 minute, appointment

Please do not "save up" lots of problems and expect them to be dealt with if you have only booked a 10 minute slot. 

If this happens, only the most important will be dealt with, and you will be asked to book a more appropriate length of appointment to deal with the rest.  Remember, you book your appointment, so please use your common sense when doing so.

We ask all patients who require an interpreter to book a 20 minute appointment.

For urgent appointments please call the practice as early as possible in the day.

We also offer telephone consultations for patients who do not need a face-to-face consultation. If you wish to speak to your doctor by telephone, please contact reception, who will arrange for this to take place at a mutually convenient time.

Practice Nurses

In a number of cases it might be worth considering an appointment with a practice nurse rather than a doctor. Practice nurses are qualified to deal with many ailments and you may be seen more quickly.


If you've simply been advised to have a blood test, or to have your blood pressure checked, you can book in with our Phlebotomist, Jade Valentine.  Please note that these tests must have been pre-authorised by a doctor or nurse first.  You cannot simply decide to have such tests carried out by yourself!


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

Medical Student Teaching

From the end of September 2016, the Surgery is becoming a teaching practice for students studying Medicine at Edinburgh University Medical School.  This means that we will have a student doctor attached to the Practice for periods of 3 weeks at a time.  The students will be observing consultations between patients and various members of the Practice team during their attachments, and they will accompany the GPs on home visits etc.  There will only ever be one student at a time, and he or she will be bound by the same duty of confidentiality that applies to all other members of our Team.

You will be advised whenever a student is going to to present at any of the appointments that you attend, so that you have the opportunity to ask to see your healthcare professional alone. Please do remember, however, that we are teaching the doctors of the future, and the only way for them to learn is by seeing patients like you.

Student Doctor Appointments

In addition to shadowing the work of our Team, each Medical Student will require to gain experience and confidence in dealing with patients' problems themselves, so during the course of each 3-week attachment, we will be offering a small number of appointments with the "Student Doctor".  During such appointments, patients will be seen and assessed by the Medical Student whilst under the supervision of one of the qualified, regular, GPs.  These "Student Doctor" appointments will be restricted to relatively straightforward problems that reflect their junior stage of training. 

If you are offered, and accept, one of these appointments, please allow for extra time, as the students are obviously much less experienced at listening to your story, examining you, and then working out what to do!  We would suggest that you allow around 30 minutes from start to finish.   We also ask that you do not book one of these "Student Doctor" appointments if you have saved up a 'list' of problems, or if you have a particularly complicated or ongoing problem that is better dealt with by one of the qualified GPs. 



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