I'm Pregnant - What Now?

Finding out that you are pregnant can lead to a number of different emotions, depending on your situation. For some women, it is a time of great joy and excitement, while for others, it is a time of great worry, particularly if the pregnancy was unplanned.

Whichever of these emotions you are feeling, this section of the website contains important information about how to take things forwards from here.

If your pregnancy is good news, your next step is to arrange a booking appointment with a midwife. You do not need to see your GP for this - simply telephone the antenatal appointments line on 0131 536 2009.  Your first midwife appointment should normally happen at around 12 weeks of pregnancy, so please contact this number as soon as possible, in order to give them enough time to arrange this.  If you have any significant health conditions, or if you take any prescription medicines, especially levothyroxine or antidepressants, you should arrange to speak to your GP, in addition to contacting the booking line.  Your doctor may need to make some adjustments to your medicines whilst you are awaiting your first midwife appointment.

If your pregnancy was unplanned and you are worried about how you will cope with a baby, you may want some help in deciding what to do next. Lifeline Pregnancy Counselling and Care provides specialist one-to-one counselling that can help women work through difficult choices, and you can access their website here.  If you decide that you cannot continue with your pregnancy, you can arrange an appointment directly with Chalmers Sexual Health Clinic, without the need to see your GP first.  The telephone number for this clinic is 0131 536 2454 and the line is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm.  Your call will be dealt with by a sexual health nurse who will discuss your situation with you, and arrange an appointment.

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