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This part of the website contains information relevant to the work of the Bellevue Health Visiting team. It contains useful links and downloads that your Health Visitor may direct you to for further help and support.  This section of the website is currently under development and will be added to from time to time.


Programmes, Activities and Groups for Parents & Carers

This booklet provides information about the many services that are working to support parents and carers in the North of Edinburgh.  Please ask your Health Visitor if you have questions about any of the services listed. The booklet can be downloaded here: Parent & Carers Programme


Is Your Child Sleeping Properly? 

If you're frequently tired and exhausted because your child doesn't sleep through the night, Sleep Scotland can help.  Their service is free of charge and provides tailored sleep advice for children aged 18 months up to 18 years. You can link to their website by clicking here.


Badly Behaved Child?  Need Some Help?

If you have a child between the ages of 3-6 years whos behaviour is getting you down, would you like to learn how to manage it better?  The City of Edinburgh Council's Parent and Carer Support Team offers FREE courses that can help you.


Download their leaflet to find out more:

Parent and Carer Courses


Well Baby Clinic

This runs every Monday on the first floor of Leith Community Treatment Centre. No appointment is necessary - just drop in any time between 1.30 - 3.30pm.

There is also a support group for new parents that meets every Tuesday at Debenhams Café, Ocean Terminal from 3-4pm.


Childhood Immunisationsbaby

To view the current routine childhood immunisation schedule, correct as at Autumn 2018, click on the Family Health link from the list on the right, and then select the appropriate age of your child.

Like adults, children can have some mild symptoms after they have had an immunisation. This is because the body needs to react to the injection in order to produce the immune response that will protect it from the real, dangerous, infection that the immunisation is designed to prevent.  These symptoms are common and nothing to worry about in most cases. The following leaflet explains this in a bit more detail - What to Expect After Immunisation



Meningitis B Immunisation (MenB)

From 1st September 2015, all new babies are being offered MenB immunisation as part of the routine childhood immunisation programme.  MenB has been a very difficult vaccine to develop, because the Meningitis B bug is naturally very good at hiding from the immune system.  It has been hard to create a vaccine that stimulates the immune system enough to produce good immunity from the disease.  This means that the new MenB vaccine has to work a little bit harder to create a reaction within the body, and as it does so, it is more likely to cause a fever than some of the other immunisations that are given to babies.  To help reduce this problem, babies need to be given some paracetamol, which can be obtained from your pharmacist without a prescription.  The following 2 leaflets give more information about MenB -

Help to Protect Your Baby Against MenB

Is Your Baby due their MenB Vaccine



Immunisation Clinics

From 4th January 2016, due to a reduction in available staff, childhood immunisations will be carried out by the Health Visiting Team as follows:

  • Infant immunisations - Every Tuesday afternoon,  1 - 4pm
  • Pre-school booster immunisations - 1st Wednesday of every month, 11am - 1pm


Appointments will be automatically allocated by SIRS (Scottish Immunisation Recall System). If you are unable to bring your child to the designated appointment for any reason, it will be AUTOMATICALLY rescheduled by SIRS, so you do not have to do anything.  Please note that the rescheduled appointment will normally be around 2-3 weeks later, or possible longer in the case of pre-school booster immunisations.

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